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We surprise our users with non-standard
but very convenient solutions.
We are not afraid to introduce new ideas
and we are always ready to embrace any change.
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Thanks to you, the number of users
of our apps is constantly increasing.
Exciting stories in a chat format that won’t leave you indifferent and immersed in other fictional worlds.
The Universe «Catch» is constantly improving, absorbing more and more users in its realities.
An app for those people who have always dreamed of seeing themselves in a different way, like a fairytale character or a person from another era — past or future. Just one photo, a little Amaze-magic, a pinch of high-technology artificial intelligence and you are a ready-made character of the fantasy world, and maybe even the same age as your own grandfather.
Sometimes it isn’t easy to find words, but we want to please our loved ones.
So we create an understandable app with a set of beautiful ecards for any occasion.
Perhaps the main event in the life of every mother is the birth of a child. But don’t forget that the baby is already actively growing and developing in the womb. So what happens to the child during such a significant period? And how does the female body react to this?
Flory will help you with answers to these questions.
buy me a pie!
Didn’t you forget to buy oil? And the napkins?
Do you remember what else you needed?
«Buy me a Pie!» users don’t ask such questions because the list of products is always on the phone! Instead, make your checklist, share it, and simplify it so that your everyday life becomes more comfortable.
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WidgetsForMe is ideal for personalizing the Home Screen and demonstrating its uniqueness. Show creativity and exit the template! It is time to choose ready widgets or create your own with WidgetsForMe.
Our primary asset
is a team of 30 highly skilled
and experienced professionals.
Our geography of the full-time team is located in Ulyanovsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar and Kaluga. We also have a vast network of freelancers and creative teams from different countries worldwide.
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