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The first of the features of this app that will immediately be distinctive to a new user is the format. The characters’ speeches emerge in stages in the form of a chat which helps to constantly keep the reader in suspense and immerses him even more in what is happening. Colorful pictures and avatars unquestionably enhance this effect. Do you need more? Go to quests — you can read and directly influence the story by choosing one of the options successions of events.
There is a unique opportunity for audio lovers to listen to their favorite stories: the application provides several options for dubbing — there’re professional and user work as well as modern auto-dubbing.

Also, there is a convenient search string. All stories are divided by genre, where, among others, you can notice a section «without moderation» There, you can get acquainted with the works of users that are not edited. It is an entirely original, unique presentation.
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An app for those people who have always dreamed of seeing themselves in a different way, like a fairy-tale character or a person from another era — past or future. Just one photo, a little Amaze-magic, a pinch of high-technology artificial intelligence and you are a ready-made character of the fantasy world, and maybe even the same age as your own grandfather.

Sometimes we want to see ourselves in new images, to speculate about «what would I be in the future?» or to be transported into the appearance of recognizable characters from the world of the cinema.
Realistic makeup and colorful costumes are long and expensive. Amaze will get rid of these questions — upload your photo, choose the image you need and share the result with your friends. Here you can try to catch your luck by predicting your future as well as analyzing your character, calculate the beauty index and find your star twin — who knows, maybe George Clooney is your distant relative?
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Sometimes it isn’t easy to find words, but we want to please our loved ones. So we have created a friendly and straightforward app with beautiful ecards for any occasion.

The most pleasant and straightforward interface will be convenient to everyone from the first second of use. Moreover, there are thousands of ecards for any occasion on the calendar, so you can congratulate your dear person even if his holiday is known to a very narrow circle of people.
The separation of postcards by subject and specific holidays simplifies the search for a suitable event. Furthermore, sending the selected ecard is possible both to the mail and to any social networks and messengers available on your device.
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Perhaps the main event in the life of every mother is the birth of a child. However, don’t forget that the baby is already actively growing and developing in the womb. What happens to the child during such a significant period? How does the female body react to this? Flory will provide you with answers to these questions.

Flory is more than just a menstrual calendar or a calendar of period and ovulation. You can use monthly fetal diagnostic programs with AI weekly calendars. Moreover, you can try to generate the face of an unborn child by using Al and a photo of two parents.
Our tracker calculates your pregnancy by week and describes each of them. You will receive advice on health and development every day of the week.

In this calendar, you can track your weight, nutrition, and other essential parameters. In addition, we have prepared for you professional medical articles from doctors and courses that will help you understand the development of the fetus within nine months.
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Did you forget to buy oil? And the napkins? Do you remember what else you needed? «Buy me a Pie!» users don’t ask such questions because the list of products is always on the phone! Please make your checklist, share it, and simplify it so that your everyday life becomes more comfortable.

«Buy me a pie!» was created to simplify your daily shopping trip, saving time and getting rid of unplanned purchases. Our app is designed to meet the highest expectations of users who look for the best shopping list app. So shop with pleasure and share your experience with your friends!
In «Buy me a pie!» it’s possible to create several product lists that are stored in the cloud and available from other devices. Then, you can send the created lists by mail to the messengers, and they can be duplicated and printed as necessary.

«Buy me a pie!» is already loved by 3 million users around the world. The app is available in Russian, English, German and Spanish languages. So join us and save your time with the pocket assistant «Buy me a pie!».
widgets for me
the app is only gaining popularity
The WidgetsForMe application allows users to show their creativity by customizing the appearance of the iPhone main screen. Thanks to an extensive collection of stylish widgets, you can easily make your smartphone unique and unrepeatable!

There are more than 100 stylish designs that you will find among the ready versions, but that is not all. You can realize your ideas by creating your widgets for different purposes:

• Music widgets
• Calendar widgets
• Weather
• Color widgets
• Clock widgets
• Battery percentage
• Birthdays
• Calendar events

WidgetsForMe works on all iOS/iPadOS devices running iOS 14+.

Be stunning with WidgetsForMe!